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Our mission

Radically improve life with diabetes

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Eli Moore

Type 1 since 2020
Co-founder of Endor Health

Eli Moore

Type 1 since 2020
Co-founder of Endor Health

1 in 3

Canadians have diabetes or pre-diabetes

14 hours

per week per person spent on diabetes care

$30 billion

total cost of diabetes annually to the Canadian healthcare system

For me, it's personal

by Eli Moore  •  Co-founder  •  Toronto, Ontario

When I was 30 years old, I started rapidly losing weight and noticed that I was unusually thirsty. For the people with diabetes reading this, it’s obvious what happened next.

I learned pretty quickly that living with diabetes is like having a second full time job with no breaks. And while there have been incredible advancements in diabetes tech in recent years like sensors and pumps, I could clearly see that the way that we access care and supplies has not evolved in decades.

Reza and I started Endor Health because we believe that living with diabetes shouldn’t be this fragmented and frustrating. So we decided to build a company that turns navigating diabetes care into a modern, intuitive and automated experience.

The diabetes community is a testament to our power to help each other navigate the most difficult challenges. We hope to do this community proud by making an impact in the lives of those touched by this condition. We hope you join us on our journey.

Backed by top health investors

Plus a whole bunch of awesome tech and healthcare founders

We’re on a mission to build the diabetes care platform of the future

Empower individuals to take control

People with diabetes are responsible for 95%+ of their care decisions. We work to empower them to take control of their condition

The world of diabetes care in your pocket

We work to bring the best in care, devices, specialists and opportunities to our customers

Reduce friction every step of the way

We believe that patients shouldn’t have to self-advocate and jump through hoops to get adequate care

Reza Hoque

Co-founder & CTO

Reza is an accomplished software engineering leader, spending over a decade making significant technical contributions at Microsoft, Wave Financial and Stripe.

Reza is passionate about building industry-defining software products in complex industries.

Eli Moore

Co-founder & CEO

Eli was previously founder and CEO of Collage HR, a venture-backed HR, payroll and benefits SaaS platform that was acquired by People Corporation (Goldman Sachs). Eli is an alumnus of Next Canada and the Ivey Business School.

Eli is a third-generation type 1 diabetic and was diagnosed in 2020.

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