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A modern diabetes care system in your pocket

Endor is a free delivery pharmacy and virtual care app built for Canadians who take insulin

Free delivery across Canada  •  Billed direct to your insurance  •  1-day shipping within the GTA

People with diabetes deserve a VIP platinum-level pharmacy

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Push button.
Receive prescriptions.

The convenient way to manage all your prescriptions - for diabetes and everything else.

Free deliveries, as soon as same day

Never wait in line at a pharmacy again. Have your prescriptions and diabetes care products shipped free to your home or office.

Pump supplies and prescriptions all from one place

Stop juggling multiple providers to get the supplies you need.

Shop the best selection of diabetes care products

We bring the world of diabetes care to your doorstep, including everything from skin prep to hypo treatments and beyond.

in additional fees.

Endor costs the same as any other pharmacy

Get support from actual diabetes care experts

Questions about your devices, medication or general condition management? Chat with our team of judgment-free, specialty care providers who actually understand diabetes.

Orders billed direct to your insurance

We accept all major private insurance plans across Canada. Eligible orders are billed direct to insurance, leaving more cash in your pocket.

We currently work with all private insurance plans across the country, but public insurance in Ontario only.
New feature

Use AI to get instant Dexcom replacement

Insantly order your Dexcom G7 replacements delivered 100% free to your door. Simply send us your voucher by email, and our AI will detect and apply it to your account.

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When I first found out about Endor, I thought it was such a no-brainer. Getting all of my pump supplies and prescriptions delivered via one app makes my diabetes admin so simple.

Lisa W.  •  Montreal, Quebec

I’m a big believer in what Endor has built. It has saved me a ton of time, and they even found a way save me $60 per month out of pocket that I wouldn’t have otherwise. Highly recommend.

Ben T.  •  Calgary, Alberta

“I’ve had diabetes for 20 years. When I started using Endor they discovered I was missing out on a tax credit that put over $20,000 back in my pocket.”

Jerry L.  •  Waterdown, Ontario

Access a growing ecosystem of perks

We’re collaborating with the diabetes ecosystem to bring maximum value and convenience to insulin-taking Canadians

Insulin Pumps 101

Take our financial checkup

Try an at-home blood test

Download the Endor App to take our 3-minute quiz that will uncover areas for potential financial savings across reimbursements, tax savings and more.

Tired of trips to the blood clinic to get your metabolic health checked? Get convenient at-home blood testing kits through Endor.

We wrote a no-nonsense guide to the insulin pump options available for Canadians in 2024.

Read it now

We do the research so you don’t have to

Tools, guides and insights that simplify the world of diabetes care

Diabetes made easy(er)

The modern, convenient way to get diabetes care and supplies

Currently serving residents of Ontario

All your pharmacy needs, delivered for free

Tired of frequent trips to the pharmacy only to wait in line?

Manage your prescriptions from the Endor app, and receive automated deliveries of all your insulin, medication, CGMs, pump supplies and more directly to your home or office.

Learn more ->

Pharmacy concierge at your fingertips

Chat in our app with your personal pharmacy team.

From discussing medication to renewing prescriptions to troubleshooting devices, help is never more than a tap away.

Learn more ->

Blood testing from the comfort of home

Keep better track of your total health without visiting the blood clinic. We’ll ship you at-home blood test kits that analyze your A1C and a whole panel of biomarkers with only a small sample of blood.

Learn more ->

Coming Soon

Automate and optimize your medical finances

Complete our diabetes financial checkup to make sure you’re getting every dollar back for your medical, pharmacy and device expenses.

Once complete, we’ll generate the forms, receipts and prescriptions you need to get the most from your insurance, health plans and government subsidies.

Because we could all use a bit more help

double libra with heavy scorpio placements@_aphextwink

Having diabetes + working full-time = two full-time jobs

8:16 AM • May 2, 2023  •  4,132 Views
DiabeticBoi @BenRavenPDF

Just a reminder to be nice to yourself, diabetes is hard and you’re doing a good job

5:19 PM • May 24, 2023  •  2,040 Views
Haley Brennan @hmb1021

I’m not exaggerating when I say diabetes ruins everything and I’m so over it

5:23 PM • Apr 14, 2023  •  8,306 Views
Syd @sydccarlson

i would do just about anything for one day off from diabetes and the stomach issues and everything else. just one day

8:16 AM • May 2, 2023  •  4,132 Views
Carol Pearson is type 1 diabetic @cpearson76

I'm not saying people who have diabetes are super heroes, I'm just saying we do the work of an organ that's necessary for survival, all while trying to live a "normal" life, and dealing with everyone telling us it's our fault we have the disability/ condition that we do.

11:27 AM • Mar 31, 2023  •  3,714 Views
Alison @xAlison07x

Mum to a 24yr old daughter with type 1. Totally agree with your statement. Hate how people can trivialise this condition, especially at my daughter's place of employment. They have no idea.

10:31 AM • Jun 16, 2023  •  127 Views
Why we exist

People with diabetes deserve better

We are on a mission to improve the health and happiness of people with diabetes of all types, ages and stages, and we invite you to join us on this journey

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it take to start using Endor?

It is extremely easy! Creating your account in the Endor app takes under 2 minutes. We’ll do all the work behind the scenes to transfer your prescriptions from your existing pharmacy, and your prescriptions will be ready to start ordering in as soon as 1 day.

What does Endor cost?

There is no fee to join, and Endor doesn’t charge anything more than a typical pharmacy would. We charge normal and customary fees for prescription items, and shipping is free across Canada.

Do you accept my insurance?

Yes, we will bill your insurance company directly for prescription orders, and we work with any private insurance plan across Canada. Currently, we accept provincial drug plans for Ontario only. If you're unsure about your coverage or eligibility, just reach out to us and we can confirm it for you.

Is it safe to ship insulin?

Yes, it is safe to ship insulin when done correctly. We take multiple steps to ensure that your order is temperature controlled during transit and will arrive within a safe time window.

Why does it say ScaleRX on my packages?

ScaleRX is Endor Health's partner pharmacy, meaning they are the pharmacy of record and provide pharmacy services for our customers. ScaleRX provides digital-powered pharmacy services for thousands of patients every month, and we work very closely together to ensure Endor customers get the best care and experience.