Frequently Asked Questions


Is it easy to get started?

It is extremely easy! Simply download the app and follow the 5-minute setup instructions. We’ll do all the work behind the scenes to transfer your prescriptions from your existing pharmacy to our partner pharmacy and start your automated shipment schedule.

What does Endor cost?

Endor doesn’t cost anything above and beyond what a normal pharmacy costs. In other words, you only pay when you order your prescriptions and supplies through us. We may launch optional premium features in the future

Do you accept my insurance?

Yes, we can handle direct billing on prescription orders for the vast majority of benefits plans in Canada. If you're unsure, just reach out to us and we can confirm it for you.

Will my insulin be kept cool during shipments?

Yes, we ship all injectables in temperature-controlled packaging so that our Canadian climate won't interfere with your medication.

Can I get a prescription through Endor?

Right now we require prescriptions for diabetes-related treatments to be written by your own care practitioner. When it comes time to refill your prescriptions, our pharmacy team will contact your doctor and refill on your behalf.


Who is SiPhox Health?

SiPhox Health is our partner who provides the test kits and processes the results. They are an innovative company building next-generation diagnostics infrastructure and is backed by Y Combinator, Khosla Ventures and other top investors.

Is the SiPhox Health blood test the same as the standard lab tests I get?

Yes, SiPhox works with CLIA/CAP accredited lab that performs extensive validation on each assay to meet federal CLIA requirements.

Can I use your test kits for the blood test my doctor ordered for me?

Our test kits are for personal health & wellness tracking purposes and aren't designed to diagnose or treat any disease. Check with your doctor before embarking on any changes to your health or lifestyle.

What makes your health reports unique?

Testing isn't useful if you can't understand it. The team at SiPhox created a unique scoring system called that spans different health and lifestyle categories such as Inflammation, Metabolic, and Cardiovascular Health. With this, you can take the guesswork out of interpreting results.

Are your test kits covered by provincial insurance?

Diagnostic testing is covered by provincial insurance when it is ordered by your doctor and completed at a provincially-licensed lab. Unfortunately, our tests are for wellness purposes and aren't covered by provincial insurance.

Will my benefits cover your tests kits?

Many private benefits or insurance plans will cover diagnostic testing either through insured coverage or through a healthcare spending account. If you have questions about your insurance, reach out to us.