Our Master Plan for Modernizing Diabetes Care

Eli Moore, Co-founder and CEO
Sep 29, 2023

Hi there, my name is Eli. I’m 33 years old and I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in late 2020. 

To be blunt, I do not like being diabetic. 

Diabetes is a lot to think about day to day. It takes a lot of work, costs a lot of money and the potential for long-term complications can weigh heavily on my mind. There are many days where I wish I could just go out for a burger and fries without dealing with the ensuing highs and lows. I’ve made the best of it and feel like I manage it pretty well, but I still screw up a lot and know that I could be doing better.

Over the last few years I’ve joined a number of online communities and spoken with a number of people who share this condition, and it’s obvious that most people with diabetes share my frustrations. A lot of folks have it worse than I do – like those who have more fragile glucose patterns, those who have to manage additional chronic conditions or those who aren’t lucky enough to have the support network that I do. But ultimately we all live with the burden of a chronic condition that takes us through a lot of mental and physical ups and downs.

Luckily there’s more to me than diabetes. I’m also a technology entrepreneur at heart. 

Previously I built a wonderful software company called Collage HR that helps thousands of Canadian businesses to manage HR, payroll and benefits for their employees. So as I learned to live with diabetes, I couldn’t help but imagine a world where diabetes took less work and how much better I would feel if I knew there was someone that truly had my back when it came to navigating life with this condition.

So that’s why I teamed up with Reza to start Endor Health - to build the care platform of the future for Canadians with diabetes of all types, ages and stages.

We are very early in our journey. But in this post I want to take the opportunity to share our ‘master plan’ to modernize diabetes care. Most startup companies tend to be secretive about their plans so that competitors don’t steal their ideas. Instead, we want to be very open about what we plan to build so that the diabetes community can understand and participate in what’s to come.

The Master Plan

At Endor Health we believe that managing diabetes shouldn’t feel like a second full time job. Our vision is to reduce the friction of managing diabetes for millions of patients so that they can live longer, healthier and happier lives.

To achieve this, we need to build features that our customers want. At our early stage, here’s are some themes that customers have told us they would want to see:

All your supplies delivered on autopilot:

We are launching Endor with a mobile app that allows you to order your prescriptions, glucose monitors, equipment and accessories on automated intervals and billed directly to your insurance. No more waiting in line at the drugstore, no more running out of crucial supplies, and no more juggling multiple providers just to get the items you need to manage your condition.

Delivery pharmacy is our main business model, at least to start. But we plan to take the money we make from pharmacy and re-invest it in expanding our features and services that will be laser focused on making life easier for people with diabetes. So in this way, joining our pharmacy is a vote for a better, tech-enabled future.

Better insights into your health:

We all know that being diabetic means being your own doctor and your own advocate. After all, people with diabetes are accountable for about 95% of the direct work it takes to manage their own condition.

Between our regular blood lab tests and our CGM data, there is so much more that can be done to help each of us understand our key health markers and to use technology to nudge us in the right direction, thus making it easier for us to manage things by ourselves. As AI is rapidly advancing, we plan to explore ways we can apply AI models to your health data to help unlock better insights and improve health outcomes.

Optimize your condition finances:

We’re all unlucky to have this condition, but there are a number of programs and mechanisms available to help make diabetes easier to afford. From grants and subsidies to doctor’s notes that help you get through the airport, we plan to help you manage your finances to the maximum extent possible. 

The good news is that there are amazing advancements in diabetes tech - like CGMs, pumps and injectable medicines - that are making diabetes much more manageable for us all. The bad news is that these therapies costs a ton of money, and not all of them are covered by insurance. The more we can do to make diabetes more affordable, the more people can benefit from these incredible therapies.

Great care at your fingertips:

Some folks have been lucky to have a great care team and understand what a world of difference it can make. Many others haven’t been so lucky, and are stuck navigating a healthcare system that doesn’t really understand what it's like to live with diabetes. Our goal is to provide fingertip access to multiple layers of care – whether that’s access to an expert pharmacist, diabetic educator, mental health specialist or endocrinologist – via convenient chat and video appointments on your mobile device.

We can’t deliver all of this on day one, and some of these ideas might not work out exactly as we envision. But what we promise is that we are going to work obsessively to make life easier for people living with diabetes.

We can’t achieve all of this without support from customers and partners, so we look forward to speaking with you, hearing your feedback and working together to ensure a better future.


Eli Moore

Founder & CEO

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